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    High temperature magnetic pump helps the development of ecological paper industry

    Time:2022/2/28 22:04:22 Category:COMPANY NEWS Source: Click:

    Energy saving is value added, saving is virtue. Papermaking enterprises are exploring ways to reduce energy consumption, improve resource utilization, and save energy and protect the environment. In the development process of papermaking enterprises, the magnetic pump is known as the brain. The traditional magnetic pump has problems such as high energy consumption and low resource utilization rate. On the one hand, it increases the cost burden of the papermaking enterprise itself, and on the other hand, it also seriously damages the ecological civilization. Therefore, it is very important to promote the upgrading of the magnetic pump.

    When purchasing magnetic pumps, papermaking enterprises need to consider the following issues:

    The weather resistance of the first magnetic pump, the poor weather resistance of the magnetic pump, will seriously restrict the production continuity of the papermaking enterprise, which is not conducive to the improvement of the profit of the papermaking enterprise.

    For the corrosion resistance of the second magnetic pump, it is well known that the papermaking liquid is corrosive to a certain extent. If the corrosion resistance of the magnetic pump itself is not enough, the magnetic pump will be accelerated to corrode, which will increase the operational burden of the papermaking enterprise.

    high temperature magnetic drive pump

    The third is the precision of the magnetic pump. If the precision of the magnetic pump is not enough, it may lead to a decrease in the utilization rate of papermaking production resources, which increases the production cost of papermaking enterprises and affects the construction of ecological civilization. In severe cases, papermaking enterprises may suffer Severe punishment from the environmental protection department, therefore, it is crucial to promote the upgrade of the magnetic pump.

    In order to develop high-quality high-temperature magnetic pumps, Shanghai Lingnai takes talents as the core, innovation as a means, ingenuity and ideas, and strengthens the research and development of high-temperature magnetic pumps, so that the performance of magnetic pumps will continue to be refined and high-energy. Shanghai Lingnai's high temperature magnetic pump has the following unique advantages in the application of paper industry:

    First, it has strong weather resistance. The high-temperature magnetic pump can operate normally in low temperature, high temperature and high temperature liquid, thus supporting the continuous operation of papermaking enterprises, which can effectively ensure the continuous performance of papermaking enterprises.

    The second is high precision. The high-temperature magnetic pump has been carefully designed, debugged and tested to make its own tightness better, avoiding the problem of dripping and running off during production, thereby saving resources.

    The third is good corrosion resistance. In the research and development process of high-temperature magnetic pump, through fine selection of manufacturing materials, its corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance can be guaranteed, so that it can be suitable for use in more complex environments. contribute to prolonging its service life.

    Fourth, work efficiency is higher. No matter for any enterprise, efficiency is life. The high temperature magnetic pump has been optimized by Shanghai Lingnai to make the internal structure more reasonable, which will undoubtedly provide great help to improve the pumping efficiency of the high temperature magnetic pump. Therefore, it can increase the efficiency of papermaking enterprises and increase the chips.

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